TE Singapore: Power Monitoring System

Industry: Chemical
Year:        2013 Monitor and collect metrics of power utilities, switch gear and field devices Data is collected into redundant servers via redundant field network All de ... read more »

TE Singapore: HMI Panel Upgrade and Software Modification

Industry:  Packaging for beverage
Year: 2012 Bulk material conveying system for plastic pellets Replacement of obsolete HMI panels by new models Software modification for old HMI and adding new ... read more »

Aerospace Vane Welding

Industry: Aviation
Production year: 2006 Ball welding on vanes for jet engine.
The machine mounts, welds and controls components that are automatically mounted on the vanes for the jet eng ... read more »

Assembly Automation CD Covers

Industry: Media industry
Production year: 2002 Fully automated assembly machine developed specifically for the Super Jewel Box line of CD and DVD packaging. Equipped to insert SJB, EAS tags, boo ... read more »

Assembly Automation Maritime Sonar

Industry: Maritime sonar technology
Cycle time: 3 min per oscillator
Production year: 2002
Robot assembling of oscillator elements, which function is to oscillate in
order to g ... read more »

Fishing industry

Industry: Fishing industry
Product name: SuperBaiter
Cycles: 6 bait/sec
Production year: 2002 >
High speed baiting machine based on servo technology for a top
modern l ... read more »


Industry: Recycling
Product name: Repant universal
Production year: 2002
Tronrud Engineering has in cooperation with Repant developed a
deposit automat for empty bottles and cr ... read more »