Titanium Machining

Tronrud Engineering has one of the most modern machining centers in Norway with highly skilled and experienced employees manning our in-house design team, welding workshop and water-jet cutters. Our machining department operates a variety of milling and turning machines. We are able to handle all common material types including titanium.

Our well-equipped machining workshop can machine any metal including titanium to very high customer specifications. We also have a metal printing 3D printer that can handle titanium as well as other metals.

Drawings are transferred directly from the CAD systems to our machines ensuring high accuracy and short programming time. Our machine park consists of 19 CNC controlled machines – where the newest one is a Mori Seiki NMV5000 DCG – a 5 axed milling machine.

Laser-Sintering Systems

Our M280 3D printer can print materials ranging from tool steel to titanium with very few restrictions on how components and molds can be designed and produced.

  • Compatible with most 3D CAD formats
  • Finished part is built directly in the machine with accuracy of +/- 0.02 mm
  • Maximum building volume on a part is 250 mm x 250 mm x 215 mm

Details like internal support structure can for instance be incorporated to provide the part with the same strength as a solid construction, but lower overall weight. It is also possible to print on top of existing flat surfaces.

  • Unique design options
  • Production of 3D geometries inside and outside the part
  • High quality materials such as medical grade titanium and tool steel

Products from this machine are used in anything from automotive and aerospace industries, to production of musical instruments and medical applications like dental and bone replacements.

  • Turbine and aviation parts
  • Subsea and challenging offshore environment
  • Space
  • Medical Technology and biocompatible implants
  • Tool-making

Larger Titanium Parts

In addition to the titanium parts we can manufacture in our 3D printer and do the finishing machining on ourselves; we have a close relationship with a neighboring company that has a cutting edge technology for producing larger titanium components. Tronrud Engineering will do the final machining to meet the customers tolerance requirements before delivery.