Digital Weaving Norway

One of our products is a high speed, easy to work with, next generation loom called the TC2. It is suitable for high speed and ultra-flexible weaving where patterns can be uploaded from your PC design program in a minute. We call this digital weaving as it is an automated weave.

This loom is ideal for designers working freelance or in mill design studios, for educational institutions, for small scale production in handweaving, for artists, etc.

With a TC-1 or TC2 you can create designs which normally require a Jacquard loom. In shaftweaves: change the number of shafts, threadings and weave structures instantly. The ThreadController is every weavers dream!

Dynamic design tool

The Thread Controller is modular and therefore easy to configure and reconfigure. New and optimized production methods as well as detailed control and testing have made the Thread Controller a flexible and dynamic design tool, ideal for rapid prototyping.

Direct control of every single warp end through advanced technology results in:

  • Handling of complex weave designs
  • Only when reconfiguring the modules, will rethreading be necessary
  • Automatic programmable warp advancing / tension control
  • Variable warp density
  • Flexibility
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Increased weaving speed

The development of the thread controller was started in 1990 by Tronrud Engineering AS. Tronrud Engineering is specialized in development, design and construction of special machinery within the industrial automation area. Digital Weaving Norway was established in 1995 and is now supporting happy customers around the world. Digital Weaving Norway is a business unit in Tronrud Engineering.

Thread Controller TC-2

From idea to woven fabric in minutes:

  • The Thread Controller goes beyond the limitations of any handloom
  • You operate your Thread Controller alone
  • The Thread Controller allows you to produce woven “hardcopies” in the handloom, as an alternative or a supplement to flat simulations on screen or paper
  • The Thread Controller makes warp simulate any threading on shafts or in a Jacquard, so re-threading of the warp is not necessary.
  • The Thread Controller allows you to weave each new design on a different warp density and with new weave structures
  • A wireless interface with the computer means you can monitor and control the Thread Controller remotely
  • The Windows based environment minimizes training time, and represents a well-tested user-interface
  • The Thread Controller makes it faster/easier to connect warps to warp beam and fabric beam
  • The Thread Controller has minimum space requirements
  • The Thread Controller enables collaboration with interior designers, fashion designers and architects for the contract market

With the TC-2, It is possible to experiment with module configurations in width and length, depending on the requirements.