PV Systems, Equipment & Renewable Energy

Together with a Norwegian benchmark company in the PV solar industry, Tronrud Engineering has developed a range of PV automation for solar wafer fabrication and solar cell manufacturing as well as load / stress testing for PV modules. We continue to offer automation for this industry to the customers that wants the lowest yield loss and highest availability of their automation.

Over the past 10 years Tronrud has delivered a total of 2.6 GW of wafer line singulation, metrology and sorting as well as 700 MW of Solar Cell sorting equipment and solar module load testing.

Wafer, Cell and Module Automation

Developing innovative handling and automation concepts is our core competence and our extensive experience as mentioned above enables us to deliver world class performance in this field. We have experience integrating to the major process equipment suppliers for this industry, international project management and HSE requirement knowledge.

PV Systems & Renewable Energy

Tronrud Engineering is involved in consultancy and design of solar module energy generating systems (PV) and other projects for renewable energy at various locations worldwide, and we are not afraid to take on new challenges.

We have together with local partners in Singapore developed an easy to install,  cost competitive, containerized PV power plant that can offset 15 to 65 liter diesel pr. day in a diesel generator powered application.

We are interested in challenges on system design considerations for grid connected or off grid systems incorporating storage and backup generator when needed.

PV Factory Design and Integration on Wafer, Cell and Module

We have internal competency of PV factory design in regards of technology and supplier selection and follow up, logistics, integration and data collection / MES systems and can perform consultancy on such projects. Members of our team has been instrumental in the design of what is still one of the worlds most highly automated PV facilities in Singapore – Knowledge that can greatly benefit a project in this industry.