Oil & Gas

Tronrud Engineering has a long tradition in offshore / oil & gas machining services and producing automation for offshore / oil & gas, improving HSE and productivity for our customers.

We have delivered anything from extremely low tolerance titanium seals to seismic activities production lines and pneumatically driven transport trolleys for moving heavy objects like turbines onboard vessels.

In order to contribute to cost effective and competitive volume production, Tronrud Engineering works with established companies as well as newcomers as an innovative partner already from an early prototype stage if possible.

Tronrud Engineering is an Achilles certified company and member of Subsea Valley with several large offshore and oil&gas projects completed for reputable companies in the Industry. We have in close collaboration with our customers designed and built production lines for Seismic activities, LP Launching unit magazines, Titanium seals, Heavy duty Offshore Transport Trollies, Bolt-safe Assembly equipment and much more.